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Benefits of E-Check System

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E-Check Mechanism

E-check is based on the idea of electronic documents instead of paper, and passkey signatures in place of open handed wet signatures. For this reason, e-check will create a new payment instrument, along with legal regulations, where it will withdraw the paper without the need for regulatory and commercial changes to the new payment instrument. Even e-check borrowers are designed to be compatible with today’s check applications and systems with minimum impact on buyers, banks and financial system. (more…)

What is an E-Check? II

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When the bill payment time arrives, the receivers of the billing information are accessed in the account system and the invoice contents are e-check. The e-check contains information such as the name, amount, history, and account information of the creditor, similar to a paper draw. Signing e-stamp signatures of the debtor smart card-shaped e-checkbook is entering and making it available. This card guarantees that the debts are peculiar. The e-check encrypts the electronic signature and adds a copy of the invoice to the e-cigarette and accumulates the cipher to prevent the attacker from changing the original bill. The invoice format is not fixed, but the borrower can add the necessary details to the document from the payee for flexibility in length, format and content points. With this feature, the creditor can send out payment information without error. The signed e-check and invoice are sent to the creditor via e-mail web shopping. (more…)

What is E-Check?


What is E-Check?

An electronic check is a new payment instrument that combines the efficiency, speed and security of a similar well-developed legal infrastructure and business processes with similar electronic transactions, structured with e-checks, paper checks, and so on. E-check is a statutory security, speed and efficiency of all electronic processes carried out by the Financial Services Technology Consortium (FSTC) in the United States using a marking language called SDML (Signed Document Markup Language) Infrastructure setup, business processes, and a new payment instrument that combines paper checks and consumer preferences. The e-check initiative is a system established by FSTC under the leadership of over ten banks, government agencies, technology providers and worldwide e-commerce organizations. Examples of institutions included in this study are Agorics Inc., Bank of America, Certicom, Defense Finance and Accounting Service, FED Financial Services, Fleet Bank, GTE, IBM, IntraNet, RDM, SafeNet, Sun Microsystems and US Treasury. E-Check is the first and only electronic payment system that creates high-value payments on the public internet selected by the US Treasury. The first e-check payment made by the US Treasury’s Financial Management Service (U.S. Treasury’s Financial Management Service) was made by GTE Interworking in exchange for a government contract payment. This payment was made by the Columbus Center of the Defense Finance and Accounting Service (DFAS Defense Finance and Accounting Service, Columbus Center).


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