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Curacao Payment

ach transfersCuracao Payment

Payment ahead of time

We utilize a payment ahead of time arrangement. Your choosen items may be conveyed after your payments has been gotten at one of our saving money accounts. When your payment is affirmed as got, we can have your asked for domainname and facilitating operational inside roughly 4 hours amid available time.

The purpose behind this strategy is entirely straightforward; Your asked for domainname will be registred on your name. To secure the domainname we have to make costs. Assuming, in any case, you would not pay us after the enrollment, then we have little to nothing to keep you from moving the domainname to another hostingprovider, abandoning us with the costs we effectively made. Likewise, exchanging between two nations makes it hard/cost for us to arrange an official payment demand.


In the event that we sent you a bill from the Netherlands to CuraƧao, we charge 0% OB/BTW/VAT
In the event that we sent you a bill from the Netherlands to the Netherlands/Europe, we charge 21% OB/BTW/VAT

Acknowledgment of our conditions

Your payment additionally actualizes, that you genuinely consent to our general terms of business.

Charge Payment alternatives
There are a few alternatives for you to pay your UTS bill. Basically pick one of the payment strategies depicted beneath to impact payment in the way that is most helpful for you.

Ensure you have your receipt with you as you go to pay, since payments must be prepared utilizing your agreement number, which is said on your receipt.

Standing request

Spare time and stresses
A standing Order is another payment strategy with which you’ll spare time! With a standing request you will train your bank to pay an altered add up to UTS, at general interims (say on the 31st of the month). If it’s not too much trouble contact your bank for more points of interest to apply for a standing request.

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