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How should a good bike/motorcycle helmet be chosen?

First of all, you have to be careful that the helmet has plenty of breathable holes. This will will help you with sweat problems and will not prevent you wearing helmets in the summer.

Your helmet should definitely be protected. The ones that are open usually do not work.

You must have an under jaw connection to help your helmet not slip off your head on the road. It is not the most reliable way that the only strap holding the helmet in place, is the neck connection.

Even if you do not have local resource’s for your preferred motorbike helmet, if you have internet knowledge, be sure to read foreign sources as well. Just because the fact that the bike culture in Turkey is not as developed as much as the rest of the countries,  this kind of analysis has made it easier to find that perfect helmet.

If you have any doubt as to whether your helmet is suitable for you, do not take it. Because the fit on the head, is one of the most important issues. The over-tight helmets and the plentiful helmets give you trouble during driving.

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