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Why are you rolling out improvements to my Intuit PaymentNetwork account?

You asked and we tuned in! A hefty portion of our Intuit clients were mistaken and overpowered for dealing with a few payment accounts with us. Our QuickBooks Merchant Service, GoPayment, and Intuit PaymentNetwork arrangements all required individual applications and logins for payment administration.

We joined every one of these records into a solitary, advantageous QuickBooks Payments record to enhance your experience, and help you get paid speedier.

What has changed?

Your record has been overhauled to a QuickBooks Payments account that consolidates the Intuit PaymentNetwork usefulness messaged receipt payments with significantly more. You’ll have the capacity to prepare an assortment of payments:

Online payments – take bank exchanges (ACH) or charge cards simply as you did with Intuit PaymentNetwork. QuickBooks naturally records your payments and charges.

Versatile payments – we’ll send you a free card peruser that empowers you to acknowledge payments on your iPhone, iPad, Android, or tablet, by means of the QuickBooks Mobile application.

In individual or via telephone payments – utilize the Sales Receipt or Receive Payment screens and acknowledge payments straightforwardly inside QuickBooks.

With your new QuickBooks Payments account, you’ll now visit the Merchant Service Center to deal with your record and view points of interest of payments made in your new QuickBooks. Basically login utilizing the same login certifications as QuickBooks Online.

You’ll additionally get a shipper account number through email once you’ve effectively moved to the new QuickBooks.

Your redesigned Merchant Agreement can found at

Does the email invoicing usefulness change?

Having the capacity to effortlessly permit your clients to pay a receipt online does not change. The way it shows up does, which will be a major change. Rather than appending a PDF of your receipt to an email, the client will click “view receipt” in the email which will open up a site page that demonstrates the receipt and the Pay Now catch. In the event that you need, you can at present join a PDF of the receipt by turning that choice on in Company Settings.

I have an open invoice(s) with the Intuit PaymentNetwork join – what happens if a client pays utilizing the connection after I move to the new QuickBooks?

Not to stress, any client payments made against open solicitations with the Intuit PaymentNetwork connection will in any case work and will accommodate with the new QuickBooks.

Where do I go to see my past Intuit PaymentNetwork payments?

At the point when do I go to QuickBooks, or the Merchant Service Center?

In the event that you utilize just QuickBooks to send solicitations and perspective payment statuses:

When you switch, all past Intuit PaymentNetwork history in the old QuickBooks is safeguarded and you can see this data inside the new QuickBooks.

Your open solicitations from the old QuickBooks show up in the new QuickBooks and payments show there.

In the event that you right now visit notwithstanding QuickBooks to send solicitations and perspective payment statuses:

You won’t see new QuickBooks movement at Rather, you’ll have to go to the Merchant Service Center. (Sign in utilizing your QuickBooks Online certifications.)

Also, any payments movement in the old QuickBooks won’t appear in the Merchant Service Center.

Could I begin taking payments instantly in the redesigned QuickBooks?

There’s nothing more you have to do to begin utilizing your payment account as a part of the new QuickBooks. You ought to have the capacity to assume acknowledgment cards instantly, however the new bank exchange payment choice may take 1-2 days to re-initiate.

What will happen to my current Intuit PaymentNetwork account?

Your Intuit PaymentNetwork record will at present stay dynamic, so you can utilize different components not found in QuickBooks, for example, the creation and utilization of PayLinks and eCommerce catch. Just go to the Intuit PaymentNetwork site: Be that as it may, any moves made on the Intuit PaymentNetwork site won’t integrate once more into the new QuickBooks. It is prescribed that all receipt payments and other approaching payments be handled through the new QuickBooks Payments account, which integrates with the new QuickBooks and will offer you and your clients the best experience.

Are there any progressions to financing time?

Financing time is distinctive in the event that it’s for a Mastercard or ACH bank exchange payment. For Mastercards, it’s around 2-3 days. For ACH bank exchanges, it’s around three (3) days. Exchange status for both can be discovered straightforwardly in QuickBooks.

Can despite everything I pay charges utilizing Intuit PaymentNetwork as a part of the new QuickBooks (pay seller through outbound payment)?

No, you won’t have the capacity to pay sellers with QuickBooks Payments in the new QuickBooks.

Does this cost me more?

No, you get all the colossal new usefulness at no extra cost. All we’ve done is empowered you to now additionally have the choice to acknowledge Visas on a cell phone and inside QuickBooks Receive Payment and Sales Receipt screens.

How would I contact support?

To achieve support with respect to QuickBooks Payments related issues, please call 800-558-9558.

Where do I see data on QuickBooks Payments exchanges?

You can see exchanges data within QuickBooks and on the Merchant Service Center (log in with your current QuickBooks Online accreditations).

Likewise, you will start accepting month to month articulations for all QuickBooks Payments exchanges – one for Visa and one for bank exchanges.

NOTE: If you keep utilizing Intuit PaymentNetwork outside of QuickBooks, you should go into to survey gives an account of those exchanges.

Will this change affect my clients in any capacity?

Generally, your clients can keep on paying you in the ways they are acquainted with, notwithstanding a portion of the new ways. Nonetheless, there are a couple slight changes that will influence the way things look:

There will be a slight change in the way they will see your charge show up on their Visa or ledger explanations – the business name will start with INT*. In the event that the DBA business name was “Principle Street” it will now show up as “INT*Main Street.”

With the end goal clients should see the receipt, they will now click “view receipt” in the email. The receipt and Pay Now catch will show up in the website page that in this way opens up.

Are there any progressions to how I accommodate my QuickBooks Payments stores and expenses?

Your QuickBooks Payments stores and charges will keep on automatically accommodate as they did some time recently.

You should simply let us know where to record your Payments stores in QuickBooks. We’ll request that you pick a record once you’ve moved to the new QuickBooks.

After you prepare the payments or your client pays through an online receipt, they’re recorded in another record called Undeposited Funds. When we support you the cash, QuickBooks records the store for you in the record you picked. Charges consequently record as a cost. In any case, you’ll see all you’re handling charges under another cost account called QuickBooks Payment Fees.

On the off chance that you need to change this or the pay account where we record your stores:

1. Click the apparatus symbol at the upper right of your QuickBooks.

2. Click Company Settings.

3. Click Payments.

4. Under Payments accounts, tap the alter pencil.

5. Let us know which accounts you need to use for stores and charges.

6. Click Save.

Additionally, your QuickBooks Payments charges are under another Vendor called QuickBooks Payments.

In the event that you need to change the seller name we relate your preparing charges with:

1. From the landing page, click Vendors.

2. Select QuickBooks Payments.

3. Click Edit.

4. Enter another name.

5. Click Save.

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