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Post Office Credit Union


Post Office Credit Union

Must be a part before applying for a credit, no advance will be handled until the main payment has been made by means of finance or direct charge.

Part should be 18 years old before applying for an advance.

Application for advances must be made on the proper structure.

All advance applications will be liable to Credit Committee endorsement.

No advance will be paid out without a consented to Loan Arrangement being gotten into the workplace.

Advances are up to a greatest of £20,000 in addition to shareholding and repayable over a most extreme time of seven years. The part’s capacity to reimburse the credit will be decide by the term of the advance.

A refinanced advance must be completely reimbursed before a further credit will considered.

At the point when applying for a combination credit you will be required to send in an announcement of the obligation you wish to be merged alongside your advance application structure.

Most extreme interest payable on credits is 2% every month (24% APR).

The choice of the Credit Committee on the endorsement of advances might be last however a part can request this choice by sending in a letter of allure to the workplace.

At the point when an advance application is denied or adjusted by the Credit Committee the part should be informed.

Crisis advances will be considered on legitimacy by the Credit Committee or the Executive Committee of the Board of Directors.

All advances are liable to assets being accessible.

This arrangement will be liable to change any progressions will be told to individuals.

All credits passed will be made accessible for Supervisory Inspection.


All monies to be paid to the individuals will be paid into a financial balance or with check.


Any part with a current credit parity won’t be conceded an offer withdrawal if their advance parity is higher than their offer parity, aside from in crisis conditions where BOD/Supervisory Committee can give endorsement when a part sends in a letter alongside an offer withdrawal structure asking for assets.

You can APPLY NOW! You should simply fill in the Loan structure online and it comes straight to us! On the other hand you can download the advance structure to round out and post back.

Who can join?

Workers of –

Imperial Mail

Parcelforce, Post Office Limited, ROMEC and Compass

B.T, O2, Virgin Media, Capita and Santander

Organizations where the CWU is a perceived Trade Union

CWU Members, workers and resigned individuals

Relatives (should inhabit the same location as existing part)

If it’s not too much trouble contact the workplace in the event that you are uncertain on the off chance that you can join first Class Credit Union.

You can JOIN NOW! You should simply fill in the Membership structure online and it comes straight to us! On the other hand you can download the enrollment and relative structure to round out and post back.

Watch your cash develop

Everybody needs to spare, by sparing what you can bear the cost of in first class credit union investment funds scheme(s) your cash will soon signify an amount.

Sparing straightforwardly from your pay or direct charge on payday makes it so much simpler and gives you genuine feelings of serenity in case of any crises.

Advantages of Saving with first Class Credit Union:

Yearly Dividend on your funds

No shrouded Charges or Fees

Save what you can manage the cost of frequently

Investment funds can be produced using your compensation/pay or by Direct Debit

Free mourning security on your reserve funds (terms and conditions apply)

Your investment funds are secured by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme

For instance:

£5 every week for 1 year = £260

£10 every week for 1 year = £520

£20 every week for 1 year =£1040.

You should have a Share 1 account, then after this you can open a Christmas Savings Account to take away the tremendous monetary weight a few of us end up in at Christmas, you can open a Junior Account to begin an investment funds propensity for your youngsters.

“I couldn’t trust the measure of reserve funds I had gathered since joining first Class Credit Union, it is so straightforward straight from your compensation, you soon overlook that cash falls off your pay”

Cite: N. McLaughlin part first class c.u.

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