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What is an E-Check? II

ach transfersE-Check

When the bill payment time arrives, the receivers of the billing information are accessed in the account system and the invoice contents are e-check. The e-check contains information such as the name, amount, history, and account information of the creditor, similar to a paper draw. Signing e-stamp signatures of the debtor smart card-shaped e-checkbook is entering and making it available. This card guarantees that the debts are peculiar. The e-check encrypts the electronic signature and adds a copy of the invoice to the e-cigarette and accumulates the cipher to prevent the attacker from changing the original bill. The invoice format is not fixed, but the borrower can add the necessary details to the document from the payee for flexibility in length, format and content points. With this feature, the creditor can send out payment information without error. The signed e-check and invoice are sent to the creditor via e-mail web shopping. (more…)